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In no particular order:

Gwen Stefani -- "What ya waiting for"
Gwen Stefani -- "What ya waiting for" Jaques Lu Cont Remix
Mink -- "Glory of Life" Chris Cox Radio Edit (not the long version)
The Temptations -- "Treat Her Like a Lady"
Paul Van Dyke -- "Connected"
Mandalay -- "Like Her"
Jay-Z/Linkin Park -- "Numb/Encore" Mash-up
Imogen Heap -- "Hide and Seek"
P. Diddy (Puff Daddy @ that time) -- "More Money, More Problems"
Utada Hikaru -- "Simple and Clean" Dance Remix
Maria Carey feat. Jay-Z -- "Heart Breaker"
John M. Keane -- "Grissom's Overature" (From CSI: )
Ghostland -- "Interview with an Angel"
Rolling Stones -- "Just a Shot Away"
Southside Crew -- "Go Your Own Way"
Ulrich Schnauss -- "On My Own"
Phil Collins -- "In The Air Tonight"
Susumu Hirasawa -- "The Girl From Byakkoya" (Paprika Soundtrack)
Clea -- "We Don't Have to Take Our Cloths Off"
Carma -- "Unforgivable Sinner"
Bomfunk MCs -- "Super Electric"
Sash! -- "Ganbareh"
Blumchen -- "Ich Bin Wieder Hier"
Junkie XL -- "Mushroom"
Santa Esmeralda -- "Don't let Me be Misunderstood"
H.A.T. -- "hi Than Mua Xuan"

That is all for now....Thank You.