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Thread: The Jacket

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    hope this helps
    i saw him in the mirror and i fought him in the streets .

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    hey, i have been searching for that song myself for a few success, but i know brian eno or roger eno have something to do with it....its an amazing song

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    Check Re: The Jacket

    Hi, I hope I will tell something new here,
    Thank You for the question. That movie took me.

    I have that soundtrack, and it is a song:
    Looking for you again by Matthew Berryman

    I was searching too, but I have never found this result until I got this song by random.
    Please, Inform me if it is what you was looking for.

    Thank You again for the question.

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    Mar 2010

    Default Re: The Jacket

    Quote Originally Posted by Gorthus View Post
    I'm looking for the recurring song in "The Jacket" starring Adrien Brodie which is first played during the scene when Jack is in Jackie's house and she is in the bathtub...

    I've tried all the songs that are listed in the credits and none are that song... Any help?
    That is a version of 'Sidottu' by 76 (which is heard in that scene and near the end of "The Jacket"). This version was slowed approximately -22% and was perhaps remixed by Brian Eno, since he did the incidental music for the film. This song title was curiously missing from the film's end credits, but has since been widely mis-identified elsewhere as 'Fleeting Smile' by Roger Eno (Brian's brother) which is heard at the beginning of "The Jacket".

    'Sidottu' by 76 (aka Sir Mildred Pierce) was originally released on the 2005 album "Objects in Space", but was removed from the album (for some unknown reason). The original mix of 'Sidottu' is currently available as Track 7 on the album "Sir Mildred Pierce's Rubber Dancer Party" by Sir Mildred Pierce, which is available on Bandcamp.

    Incidentally, 'Sidottu' is Finnish for 'bound'. Perhaps a reference to "The Jacket"? In any case, I hope 76 was adequately compensated for the use of 'Sidottu' in the film, since he wasn't credited for the song.

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