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Oooops, let me try that again!!

This message is more informational than it is an answer to someone's specific question.

Richard Harvey composed a fantastic piece titled "Reach for the Stars" for the KPM music library long ago, which has been used in film trailers, TV shows, TV trailers, direct-to-video documentaries, amusement parks, commercials... you name it, it's probably been used for it.

It is a piece which eluded me for nearly 10 years until I was finally able to run it down a few years ago in the KPM music library.

I first heard it in an extended trailer for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles which was featured on a VHS of INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. I heard it again outside of a motion simulator ride at a county fair in Florida, and again during the Handi-Man skits on IN LIVING COLOR.

Here's how you can listen to it:
- Go to http://www.apmmusic.com/myapm/main.php
- Click on "Advanced Search" near the bottom left
- Enter "reach" and "stars" in the "Search Text" boxes and check the "Track Title" box
- Enter "harvey" in the "Select Composer" box
- Click on "Search"
- Five tracks (two unique) should appear on four different CDs.
- To listen to the tracks, click on the musical note below the time for each track.

The full version is 3:12 (or 3:13) and the other unique track is 0:29.

I'm sure that some of you will recognize it once you hear it. Enjoy!