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    Jul 2004

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    G4's XPlay recently did a parody of the Breakfast Club and during the end of the show they played a song. Did anyone else watch the show and catch any of the words or name of the song?

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    Sep 2005


    Here are the lyrics: (cant find the artist or song, however)

    We stand on two sides of the room
    Somehow we are connected
    You touch no one as you move
    And so I am affected
    Come to me
    Bring your mouth closer to my ear, and

    talk with touch
    Words words words just say too much
    So speak to me

    (Inaudible - Sessler Voice over)

    In my imagination
    I want your body in my hands
    I ned communication
    Theres nothing more to say, so

    talk with touch
    Words words words just say too much
    So speak to me

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    Apr 2005


    The song samples from "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode, the only lyrics I can understand is "We stand on two sides of the room, somehow we are connected. You touch no one as you move, and so I am affected come to me bring your mouth to closer to my ear and talk with touch. Words words words just say too much." Then Adam Sessler begins a monologue and the rest is drowned out.

    That's all I have at this moment, thank you for your time.

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