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    Jul 2011

    Default Re: Older Nissan commercial

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    No wonder I couldn't find it, was looking for the wrong car. Thanks!

    As it turns out, the artist is offering the track for free to download. Time to check out his other stuff...

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    Dec 2011

    Default Re: VW Volkswagen Jetta "Synchronicity"

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    Jul 2004

    Default Re: VW Jetta in New Orleans - "Synchronicity"

    Thanks so much, Peter. You should also know (and maybe you do) that VW responded to numerous inquiries from people about the song by emailing everyone who had asked about it ... offering them a free CD of the song. I immediately sent in my address and got my copy right away. What a terrific response from the company. And an even cooler idea of handing out the song to people test driving the car. And even cooler still that you, the composer, have responded here offering folks more free copies.

    It's quite a credit to the music that so many people responded the way they did.

    *PS: I'm not sure how these threads are structured, but it's quite odd how many people keep making the same inquiry for the same song despite several people answering the question over and over. Even after Peter himself posts the answer and offers copies of the song there are people STILL asking about it on the thread!

    *PPS: I also recommend folks jump over to Bandcamp to check out Peter DuCharme's other tracks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Master Cylinder View Post
    Back in 1999 I was asked by Lance Jensen & Alan Paffenbach of Arnold Advertising to write a piece of music for commercial they filmed in New Orleans. They were the creatives behind many iconic spots for VW (Da Da Da, Pink Moon etc). In my opinion moving the account elsewhere was a huge mistake.

    The song I wrote ,"Jung at Heart", was made in to a longer version and given out (as a CD) when people would test drive the Jetta. I have many copies of this disc and if you'd like one contact me at vwcd (at) They are free (except the postage).

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