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Thread: Captain Morgan

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    Nov 2005


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    Keep an eye on My Webpage

    I will be updating it soon to reflect the new findings, and an anonymous insider got me an MP3 copy of the song. I've got to be careful with copyright though, so I probably won't be posting it online. But maybe we can work around it...the site will be updated within a week.

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    Aug 2006


    Hochman is the song, and I've DLed the song and posted it on limewire so the world may know that which is, the captain morgan rum commercial song. I've looked for this song forever and now that I have found it, I feel whole again! *stupid song getting stuck in my head for months pif, showed it!*

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    Sep 2006


    To all you nice folks:
    I am so flattered !!
    Sorry it took so long to track me down, I had no idea such a hunt was going on.

    I'm Larry Hochman, and I wrote the piece called "Courage," for the Carlin Music Recorded Library, represented in the US by APM (Associated Production Music). It is indeed used for the Captain Morgan thing, and a Hummer ad as well. And I'll assume that other spottings are correct also. I don't get reports of the usage. (But I do get paid by the publisher, so it's fine!

    What is even more gratifying, is that I intentionally wrote in the style of John Barry, and more specifically was inspired by the Dances w Wolves score.

    The piece is one of about 30 compositions I wrote for a "Music for the Movies" collection, and the intention is that it gets licensed as much as possible. The reply that came from the company that said it was composed exclusively for that commercial is totally incorrect, nor do they own the music.

    As for me, I started off as a composition student at Eastman and Manhattan Schools of music, then worked as a Broadway pianist and conductor, then had my own studio, doing lots of radio and TV commercials, and now I've shifted again, and I do lots of orchestrating for broadway and films. My biggest success on Bwy so far is the hit, Monty Python's Spamalot.

    For anyone interested in more about me, go to my website:

    Unfortunately, I've been very busy and haven't updated it in about a year.

    You can email me from the website. (I don't know if we're allowed to enter our emails into this log?) And I don't know if I'll be checking into this log with any frequency, so you might as well us the website (again, it's

    I appreciate all of you who have noticed my music!

    PS: The whole piece is over 2 minutes long, and if you like that one, you'd probably like the other tracks as well. But if anyone wants a copy, I'd have to clear it with the publisher first. But there's no harm in asking.

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    Nov 2018

    Default Re: Captain Morgan

    Quote Originally Posted by MovieFreek838 View Post
    Anybody heard the music in the commercial for Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum? Its orchestral, very powerful and bold. Sounds as if it could be a soundtrack from a film, perhaps. Thanks!
    A few years ago I found a website while searching for the origin of the composer and name of this piece of music and I was able to download it. I forgot I had it saved on a hard drive when I got rid of my old computer. The name of the piece is "Courage" but i do not know who the original composer is. I have the audio file. I may post another thread with a link if I decide to upload it somewhere, only if someone responds to this post.

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    Jul 2015

    Default Re: Captain Morgan

    Sure. I'd love to hear it.

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