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    On of these three :what:

    Hayling : FC Kahuna
    Hayling : Base Number
    On the Hunt : Lynyrd Skynyrd
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    Default CSI Miami Season 1

    Hi all,

    Looking to identify a short portion of track from Season 1 episode 15 - Dead Woman Walking.

    At approximately 28 to 30 minutes in it cuts to a scene which is lit in a red light bulb effect placing it in a 'dark room' (for film processing)

    It shows a close up of hands opening a box shaped like a love heart and taking out rolls of photographic film and other activities in the dark room.

    It fades out to a sheet of copier paper printing out onto the printer tray and being picked up.

    It is fairly brief. I could attempt an upload of the portion if that may assist anyone.


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