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    Jul 2014

    Default The Magic of Mushrooms

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    This quirky documentary about mushrooms featured some surprisingly good music. Has anyone seen it and knows the names of the songs? Specifically, I wanted to know about the song that appears around the 17:00 minute mark. It has a woman making a "oooooooooowoahhhahahaa" sound. Yeah, that's cheesy...but it's the best I can do.

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    Jan 2018

    Default Re: The Magic of Mushrooms

    In case you still care about this four years's "Voicething" by Goldfrapp on the album Head First. Earlier they paly a Sigur Ros tune too...damn good soundtrack, right? I found your message trying to find out the name of the Sigur Ros song (it's Svefn-g-englar)!

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