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    Default Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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    Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    TV Promo Music

    Season 3

    03x01 - Anne
    "Hellchoir" - VideoHelper Music

    03x07 - Revelations
    "Hellchoir" - VideoHelper Music

    03x09 - The Wish
    "Under The Train" - VideoHelper Music
    "Kink Sex Slaying" - VideoHelper Music

    03x10 - Amends
    "Medieval Prayer" - Fifth Floor Music

    03x15 - Consequences
    Enya's Head Trauma - VideoHelper Music

    03x18 - Earshot
    "No Second Chance" - VideoHelper Music

    03x22 - Graduation Day Pt. 2
    "Hellchoir" - VideoHelper Music

    Season 4

    04x01 - Freshman
    Everloving - Moby

    04x02 - Living Conditions
    Aquatica - Non Stop Music

    04x03 - The Harsh Light Of Day
    Everloving - Moby

    04x09 - Something Blue
    Dirty Sanchez - Non Stop Music

    04x20 - The Yoko Factor
    Castrati - VideoHelper Music
    Drama King - VideoHelper Music

    04x22 - Restless
    Eggshell - Non Stop Music

    Keepstake WB Promo
    Blue Beard - Non Stop Music

    Season 5

    05x01 - Buffy Vs Dracula
    Dracula - Non Stop Music

    05x02 - Real Me
    Hellfire - Non Stop Music

    05x05 - No Place Like Home
    Shadows Part 1 - Extreme Music

    05x06 - Family
    Lockdown - Extreme Music

    05x09 - Listening To Fear
    Helpless - Non Stop Music

    05x10 - In The Woods
    Betrayal - Non Stop Music

    05x20 - Spiral
    Harrows Way - Non Stop Music

    Season 6

    06x09 - Smashed
    Vroom Daddy - Non Stop Music

    06x10 - Wrecked
    Implied Sex - VideoHelper Music

    Season 7

    07x15 - Get It Done
    Just A Little Girl - Amy Studt

    07x20 - Touched
    Goodbye To You - Michelle Branch

    I don't know any of the music used for the Promos from Season 1-2. If
    any of you know any cues that I might have missed please post the track name.

    So Far I know 4 major companies where used for the campaign.

    VideoHelper Music
    Extreme Music
    Non Stop Music
    Fifth Floor Music


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    Default Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Found new tracks

    Season 5

    5x14 Crush
    Hungarian Groove - APM Music

    5x15 - I Was Made To Love You
    Street Symphony - APM Music

    5x18 - Intervention
    Love Beat Story - APM Music

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