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    Jul 2013

    Music Help Wanted.....

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    Hi guys and dolls. I have recently uploaded some original music. Take a listen and tell me what you think It would mean alot to hear from you as it would help me develop my craft

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    Apr 2014
    Hopefully, I'll live in downtown Calgary at some point.

    Default Re: Help Wanted.....

    Hey, this is actually pretty great stuff, dude! It really reminded me of a lot of synth-heavy '80s pop: Soft Cell, Tears for Fears, Dave Edmunds, stuff like that. I honestly don't think there's enough nostalgia for that kind of music, and it's nice to see somebody is still making what I thought was a dead genre. I wasn't so big on "It Don't Count", but that's more of a "Me problem". Two thumbs up for you! l

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