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    Default Can You Use Shazam In a Movie Theater?

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    Suppose you hear a song you like in a movie theater. If you silence your phone and prevent the phone screen from being a nuisance to others, can you use Shazam to identify the song?

    Since the MPAA and RIAA have gone berserk and a half, I'm concerned that this might meet some perverse definition of "recording a movie."

    I don't want to do anything inappropriate, but since some movies offer apps that you are actually supposed to use in the theater, I'm hoping it is okay for me to at least ask about this.

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    Default Re: Can You Use Shazam In a Movie Theater?

    The cellphone app Shazam doesn't record video/audio, it listens for a "pattern" in the short sample of audio and matches it against it's song database. That doesn't seem to be the same as recording audio/video with your phone.
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