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    Jun 2010

    Default Investigation Discovery

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    Hello , i need some help with a song , i watched the other day an add in Discovery Channel about investigation discovery.To help you out , the song is an orchestral song with some violins in it , with a mystery rythm , the add shows some people and then shows a white "box" to capture some other people behind showing them as evidence , it shows some footage from sea , it shows a cigar thrown down , it shows a football player pic etc etc , and you can hear a man talking all the time during the add promoting the show , saying things like "the truth is always there" but the song itself doesnt contain any words.Its just an orchestral tune with violins in.

    Any ideas ? I know its kinda difficault....

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    Jun 2010

    Default Re: Investigation Discovery

    To help you a bit , the commercial plays in discovery channel , promoting the investigation discovery service.

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    Sep 2014

    Default TLC commercial for ID investigation

    Does anybody know, the song, for the commercial for ID investigation? " Time , stood still, while I wait for your attention" Why can't you hear me...were did you go"

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