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    Nov 2011

    Default 2012 VW Volkswagen Tiguan "Responsibly Wild"

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    Im searching to find a song that i heard in a SUV Ad

    Unfortunately i dont remember the brand or model of that suv. i feel kinda bad not knowing that!

    I've seen this ad on the TV a few time this 2011 fall here in Canada. Ill try to describe the ad so mabee someone can help me find the song!

    There is a man driving his SUV and he park on the side of the road listening to a piano song and then an other SUV of the same brand and model come fast and do a 180 parking in front of the other SUV so the 2 car are facing each other. in the second suv there is 4 people listening to Rock music. then the music switch back to the piano from the first suv and then back to the rock music and at the end both track piano and rock are playing at the same time it seem to me that the 2 music track were compose to be 1 song. some kind of rock music with piano.

    So if anyone know he brand of the SUV i should be able to do my own search for the song but so far my search lead nowhere since i dont know the brand and model of the car.

    and if you know the song it would be even better


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    Nov 2011

    Default Re: SUV commercial Music search

    Yeahhh i've seen this ad again today

    it was a VW Tiguan 2012 ad

    Video was an easy find
    [ame=""]2012 VW Tiguan | Responsibly wild - YouTube[/ame]

    still have to fond the song now

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    Dec 2011

    Default Re: SUV commercial Music search

    the rock song has been stuck in my head for days and i cant figure it out. i've heard it before too... someone please help!!

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