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    Default Re: CenturyLink "Slinky"

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    I just saw/heard this commercial this past week, and wanted to find out about the song as well.

    (Not 100% sure if the version I saw had the exact same song/lyrics. I had written down some potential lyrics that sounded something like "lean up and go now," but after reading the lyrics above, it might have been "LINK up and go now....")

    To me, it sounded a lot like Echo & the Bunnymen.

    I agree--most definitely NOT Jackson Browne.


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    Default Re: CenturyLink "Slinky"

    Having listened to the lyrics carefully, I would be willing to bet that the song was written and recorded for the commercial and is not a song that was released to general audiences.
    The lyrics refer to being connected and linked via the internet. Enough said.

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