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Thread: Call Me Fitz

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    Jun 2011

    Question Call Me Fitz

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    There's this song that's playing in the ad for "Call Me Fitz" premiering on TNT..
    I can only get the lyrics "I'm gonna change the way I deal" .Would love to know the name of that song. It's driving me crazy.
    Anybody know? :)

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    Junior Member juhnell2610's Avatar
    Jun 2011

    Default Re: Call Me Fitz Promo Music

    Man, I may have the tv network wrong. I think it's TNT but I may be mistaken

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    Oct 2011

    Default Re: Call Me Fitz

    Yeah, I was curious too.. Shazam didn't work for me, but found it anyway.. At least I hope this is the ad you were looking for.

    It is Spencer Davis Group - I'm a Man. The ad is running on the Audience Channel for Season 2 of Call Me Fitz. The show is from HBO Canada and I think only airs on Audience in The States.

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