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    Aug 2010

    Default Larry Crowne

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    I know the first song in this trailer but what are the other two?

    One song starts at 0:41, right after Tom Hanks crashes the scooter.

    The other song starts at 1:23 and begins again at 1:44. The lyrics go like:

    "Hey hey matter how {and then something I can't hear}...won't let another moment slip away...tryin'a hold on..."

    Here's the trailer. Thanks!

    [ame=""]YouTube - 'Larry Crowne' Trailer HD[/ame]

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    Mar 2011

    Lightbulb Re: Larry Crowne

    Hi, Can you tell me what is the title of the first song please ? I know this other one at 1.23 : [ame=""]"Hey Hey Hey" par Michael Franti & Spearhead[/ame] !

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