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    May 2005

    Default Law & Order Los Angeles

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    Who does the rap tune "welcome to the west coast" song used in the latest ad for the new series...

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    Oct 2006

    Default Re: Law & Order Los Angeles

    I've seen one with 2Pac's "California Love" featuring Dr. Dre, but that might not be the one you're looking for.

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    Nov 2010

    Default PLZ Help me find this Law and Order Los Angeles Promo Song

    I work for an NBC news station. Ever since August, our station played the same Law and Order Los Angeles promo. There is a song in the background that starts around 12 sec and plays until the end. It's some rap song. I have literally scoured the internet trying to find it. I even went as far as emailing NBC, but no luck. There are multiple promos with different songs. IT'S NOT MANIO OR 2PAC/DRE - CALIFORNIA LOVE. I repeat, NOT THAT. I know both of those songs.

    Please, help me find this song. I have been dying to know since the summer. I also tried the app Shazam on my phone. No luck there either.

    ----->>> HERE IS THE LINK : [ame=""]YouTube - Law & Order: Los Angeles Promo[/ame]

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    Jul 2008

    Default Re: PLZ Help me find this Law and Order Los Angeles Promo Song

    It's most likely a remix of "Gangsta Music" by Omar Cruz featuring The Game
    [ame=""]YouTube - Omar Cruz The Game - Gangsta Music '' New ''[/ame]

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