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    Sep 2010

    Music Mitsubishi Outlander India

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    Guys which is this song which goes like this " What Turns you on Bring it On" it is featured in the Mitubishi Outlander (India) ad
    [ame=""]YouTube - Mitsubishi Outlander TVC - Main Film - Rohit Bal[/ame]
    PS This is not Blindness by The Fall, thats the song for the Outlander Ad in the U.S.

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    Junior Member roach's Avatar
    Nov 2010

    Default the mitsubishi outlander 2010 commercial music

    i want to know the song which plays in the background of the mitsubishi outlander 2010 commercial, this is an india specific advertisement... could someone please help me with the name of the artist who plays the song in the backgropund

    [ame=""]YouTube - The New 2010 Outlander from Mitsubishi[/ame]

    thanks in advance

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