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    Aug 2010

    Default tell me an animal joke !

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    what did a 300 pound parrot said ?


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    Aug 2010

    Default Re: tell me an animal joke !

    a woman bring a man back to her apartment, and starting making out ! the lady had this parrot, and the parrot heard them, because the lady cover the cage at night. so the parrot said loudly: " you going it, you going it ! " the lady was so embarrass that she told the man to leave! so she try a couple of more time, next couple of months, and the parrot always ruin for her. so the lady had a idea that the parrot was lonely and he need some female company. so the lady goes to a pet shop, and to look for a female parrot, and that should her problem ! so she go to the owner of the pet shop, and explain to him about her problem. he told her that he didn't have any female parrots, but he point at this female owl ! then she said to the pet owner; " i 'll take her, i don't think my parrot will notice the difference ! " so she take the owl back to her apartment, and put the owl in the cage with parrot put the cover over the cage, and see what happen between them! a couple of weeks later, she went on a date, and she brought the man to her apartment,and hope,everything going to work out this time. they are making out and things are getting hot, all sudden, the parrot said loudly; " someone going it ! " and then the owl said ; " who! " and then the parrot got really angry and then he look at the owl and lift his claw and point at the owl and he said to her loudly; " NOT WITH YOU, BIG -EYE BITCH ! "

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    Jul 2014

    Default Re: tell me an animal joke !

    Dogs and cats instinctively know the exact moment their owners will wake up. Then they wake them 10 minutes sooner.

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