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    Junior Member trader4181's Avatar
    Jun 2009

    Default Home Depot radio ad

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    I know this is for TV commercials but I didn't see a subset for radio. Home Depot is running Radio ads that has a great back ground tune. Could be a song or made up by an AD Agency. Simple song mostly electric piano and drums. If anyone heard it and know where I can get it let me know. thank you.

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    Junior Member wildone_106's Avatar
    Jul 2009

    Default Re: Home Depot radio ad

    I find this tune extremely annoying & pretentious. Every time I hear the trendy notes being played I imagine the poor saps making not much more than min wage working at home depot day in and day out..then the fancy musician sitting in his audio office whipping out this drool for 80k a year..kinda insulting..

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    Junior Member BrokenMonkey's Avatar
    Dec 2007

    Default Re: Home Depot radio ad

    Were you ever able to figure this out? I think it's the same stuff they're still playing in their radio ads and I would like to know what it is. It's some simple electric piano background notes, that are sort of repetitive, and a few higher-pitched notes in front of it every couple of measures, right? I know I've heard it elsewhere but I can't figure out where. Since it's on a commercial I can't use my VCast Song ID app to recognize it, either.

    And to the moron who left one post complaining about Home Depot and some musician, you should know that I work at Home Depot, I enjoy my job, everyone I know at Home Depot likes their job, and nobody in the store makes minimum wage. Musicians work hard to make the money they do, probably a lot harder than the people working in retail. Being creative and selling home improvement products are completely different and one deserves better payoff than the other. Plus, the musician who wrote the piece in discussion clearly didn't do it for a Home Depot commercial since it is found in other places as well, so I'm not even sure how you were able to draw that comparison in the first place. Get a life, and get a real job before you go criticizing others.

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    Junior Member Aphearicus's Avatar
    Oct 2008

    Default Re: Home Depot radio ad

    The song was written by session musician Eric Blaszczak.

    I don't know the name of the song. It's probably just "Home Depot theme"

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    Junior Member VirtuosityRecords's Avatar
    Mar 2011

    Default Re: Home Depot radio ad

    Hi everybody,

    Just wanted to add some clarity to these posts.

    Eric Blaszczak has done the original Home Depot theme and can be found here as a ringtone download. (click on home depot tab)

    He did not compose the "paint" commercial with Ed Harris voice over.

    this should clear up any speculation.

    The ringtone on Eric's site was recorded again in 2011 and is the theme most people know.

    Hope this clears up the gaps.
    The ringtone is available from two sources.Tunecore(just listed, may not be live yet) and through myxer.
    Those links are provided at

    There is no full song,
    The theme was recorded specifically for commercials.

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    Junior Member tiger427's Avatar
    Jun 2012

    Default Re: Home Depot radio ad

    Everyone - I'm looking for the music in the background of this Home Depot ad.

    Anyone know where I can find just the music itself, or who composed it?

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