Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with a song that played at about 45 minutes into the first episode of this season's "Ride". It's a female singer, with a bit of a retro Dusty Springfield vibe and the opening lyrics are "Riding in your car I don't know where, I never bothered asking you my dear".

Thanks all.

Trailer 1

1.) "Scimitar" - Really Slow Motion
2.) 2nd cue is by Cavalry Music (sounds a lot like "No Wow" - The Kills)

Trailer # 1

"Spores" - Jed Kurzel [Alien Covenant OST]

Don't know the last cue at the end

The song at 0:35 is Thunderstruck - AC/DC. Does anyone know the song at 1:17?

what is the name of the song?

Thanks in Advance :)

What is the music during the War Ready lyrics ?

Hey all,

Can anyone identify the song used in this commercial? Been searching for weeks now and it's racking my head in. Thanks for everyone with input!

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