what is the theme/opening song for the show cold squad? or is it even a song?

I'm looking for a song I heard in recent (Nov 2019) tv commercial. I don't remember what the ad was for or much of the song. Maybe someone here can help me. The ad starts with a car stopped on a road and a child emerges from a field and gets in the car, the song starts with lyrics about a knock, or a smile, or sunshine, something like that. I know it's not much to go on. Thanks in advance for any help. If I see the commercial again, I'll pay better attention and let you know if I figure it out.

hey guys

there was this fairly old gapp commercial with a really good jingle bells type remix.
the remix was along the lines of

"have a lotta fun have a lotta fun heyyyyy j-j-j-jingle bells jingle bells"

anyone know it?!


EDIT: JUST listened to bing crosby's jingle bells... and thats the sound and words and everything but the gap commercial had a cool technoish hiphop remix to it!!

I'm looking for the specific version of "Winter Wonderland" that was used in a Zellers/HBC commercial back in approximately 2004-2007 (best guess).

I don't remember much about the commercial - it may have had a snow globe theme. The song was sung by a woman, a slow and breathy "A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight..."

I've looked through old threads on here and I have tried contacting the company but have received no response.

Does anyone know the songs in this trailer?

Would very much like to know who did or what is the music used in this spot.

The music at the beginning is 'Mercury' by Full Tilt. At the end?


Audiomachine - Blood and Stone Remix

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