There is an ad running on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel. The commercial shows clips from Murder, She Wrote. The Song has a couple of lyrics that I can catch. They are... "I go everywhere you go," and "I do everything I see you do."

It's not by Michael W. Smith.

I would appreciate any help anyone could offer.

I've been looking for ten years for the music in the ad I'll describe. I found the ad online when I looked for it, and many people asked what it was, they never got an answer. I believe it was for Boost Mobile, narrated by David Faustino. The camera panned over a few beautiful houses in a nice neighborhood, with David speaking, and the beautiful piano piece playing. At the end of the ad, someone opened their front door from the inside, and a young dark haired lady ended it with her comment. I'm pretty sure it was in 2008, it may have been a year earlier. Thanks for any help you all come up with.

Can anybody identify the music used in this trailer for the 2001 Platinum Edition release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? I been trying to identify it myself, but its no use.

I remembered watching something on Hulu a few years back and you know how they have a set of commercials for whatever your watching within that time ? Well it was either an airline or hotel commercial and I want to say more so a hotel commercial because it was someone getting in late and then making a statement about how theyíll always greet you. May have been Marriot ? But they had a really cool ďchillĒ type song. It ALMOST sounded like the song they use in Shane the Virgin. The sentimental song by Jared forman, but itís not. It had some vocal. Kind of sounded like bushes. I remember finding it on YouTube because I was able to Shazam it and it just had a background for the video and it was similar to the backgrounds used for chill soul and ďchill nation and those YouTube Channels.

Unfortunately I had created a new YouTube account I think between then and now and donít have it in my history anywhere and same for my Shazam since Iíve gone through a few phones since then.

I hope somebody can help me!! Itís driving me bananas. I donít even remember what the songs were that were sang. So thatís not helping either.

Who did the Mission Impossible theme for this ?

& also who did the music in the middle ? I am asking about the drums, instrumental music

I will be amazed if anyone will be able to answer this...there used to be commercials that aired in the late 90s/early 2000s I believe...I think it was for the nytimes? Words would appear on screen, then the letters would move around to form a new word. One scene had a ballerina and I think the word changed from dances-->ascend. My memory is very vague but I've been trying to find those commercials somewhere. I remember the music being really pretty. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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