Vive Cuervo commercial


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I saw the commercial for the Jose Cuervo drinks (Vive Cuervo) on Spike tv late night, and I think on Lifetime, MTV, E, and a couple of other stations. The commercial has these two women sitting oustide drinking Vive Cuervo Gold drink during a hot summer day, then it starts raining and everyone gets wet except them. Right at the end of the commercial is their slogan "It controls the weather".
The song is kind of laid back, Norah Jones, Racheal Yamagata type. The lyrics:

"Kiss me baby, hold me baby"
"Hold me baby and never let me go"
"Kiss me baby...."

Anyone know the name of the song or who sings it?
Ive been looking all over the net for that song ... If you find out what it is please let me know

What channel did you see the commercial on? At first I thought Rachael Yamagata sang it, but it wasn't her. Even the lyrics to the song are hard to come by.
I just saw the ad, on E!... The only lyrics I heard in the ad were "Kiss me baby" "Hold me baby." Maybe it was shorter version? :unsure:

The woman's voice is kind of breathy (Cee mentioned Norah Jones -- it almost reminded me of a soft spoken Shirley Manson from Garbage :lol: ), lullaby music sound backing it (if that makes sense/helps).