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What's the background music on the new True Value Hardware commercial?
Are you talking about the commercial with the sprinkler that turns everything into color? the music is nice, but my guess is that it was composed specifically for the commercial.
I have no idea who did it, although I agree that it sounds like something that was done specifically for that commercial.

I just wanted to mention that if you like that you should check out Pete Rock's record "Instrumental"- I was instantly reminded of him when I saw that commercial.
I want to know what this song is too.

I'll post back here if I happen to find anything.
I want to know this, too. I sent an email to True Value's Public Relations dept. I'll post their answer if they reply.
The commercial is in black/white or brown colored, and then with each passing moment certain parts become full color.

The background beat/track sounds like a Rae and Christian track or other related instrumental producers of the like.

Thanks for any help that could be shedded on this track.
This is being discussed here. No one has an answer. I think it's stock music or music composed specifically for the commercial.
Use search to find existing threads.
The commercial starts out in black and white, showing a guy chilling in his backyard on his lawnchair.
Then his kid starts running around in the sprinkler, and everything he touches turns to color.
I forget what the ad was for, but it was really cool music.
It almost sounds like something lemon jelly would do, but I have both his cd's and the song isn't on there.
any help would be appreciated (like what the ad is for).
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Still no answer on the music though.
i emailed em, this is what i got

The music for the "Get Out &
Enjoy Life Sale" TV spot is an original composition created by Human,
which is a music company sub-contracted by B-17 Editorial. B-17
Editorial is the editing company for Boxer Films Production company.
This original composition as with the other Power Event TV spots was
created by a staff at Human. There is no name or title or specific
artist to the pieces created.

Thank you
Mary Pete
TruServ's Consumer Relations Department

A real shame. I love that song. There really needs to be a 'commercial soundtrack' CD. Collection of all music like that.
Did anyone happen to catch what the basic Chord progression was to this track because I can recreate it! It was a really nice piece of music, I cant believe it was made just for an ad!! I am a composer myself and was really impressed!!