Trailer Music Questions


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Hi everyone, great forum.

My name is Chris O’Sullivan. I’m a UK based music composer currently working on a study into music in film trailers and was hoping to get some insight into peoples thoughts on the music and it’s suitability. If you have the time please read the questions below and post the answers here, or email them to me at christymichaelosullivan(at) I’d also be happy for users to discuss the questions and the answers given.

Also if anyone would like a copy of my completed study, let me know and I’ll email it out to you when it’s finished.

Regards. Chris.

Trailer Questions:

1. What is your involvement (if any) In the film industry?

2. Do you watch movie trailers online? If so, roughly how many a week?

3. Do you consider Film Trailers to be an art form in their own right?

4. Do you generally notice the music when watching Film Trailers?

5. Do you think the music of a Film Trailer has made you want to see a film more?
If so please cite an example?

6. Should the music in a Film Trailer reflect the Musical Score of the Feature Film it’s promoting?

7. Do you think studios target specific audiences through the music in their Film Trailers?
If so can you cite an example?

8. What is your favourite Movie Trailer? (In one sentence summarise why)

9. Did the music contribute to your enjoyment of it?
If so, how?

10. What is your least favourite Movie Trailer? (In one sentence summarise why)

11. Did the music contribute to your dislike of it?
If so, how?

12. What is your favourite piece of Movie Trailer music (if any)?