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Hey, this is not a new commercial, in fact, I haven't seen it for a while. It's got the same actor in it (black, bald, about 25, I used to know his name, I think he does the Joe Boxer/Target commercials too) as the famous Mitsubishi commercial where they used Telepopmusik's "Breathe".

There are only like two words in the entire thing, "____ control" or something to that effect. I've spent hours searching ... with no luck. I wrote a letter to Time Warner, with no response.

Can anybody here help me out?
God how I hate those Joe Boxer ads...

The guy in the Mitsubishi ads is "Toronto-based actor Gary Archibald" -- I haven't been able to find much more out about him except he was in some Ricolla ad. But, maybe that info will help you find out which Time Warner ad you're looking for.

Hope that helps. Good luck! :)
Yeah, I had known his name at one point, and after posting ... found that information again. I know which commercial it is :) ... just looking for the music ...

Well, if anybody has any info ... thanks.