The Safety of Objects


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This is an independant movie, shot in Canada. It stars Patrica Clakson, Glenn Close, among a whole bunch of others. I don't think an official soundtrack was realesed, but I absolutely love dthe music. Some of it was original for the film, but the credits did mention a band called bullet and itchy trigger finger. I haven't been able to find either. If anyone knows where i can find some of the music for this film, i owuld really appreciate it. I'm particularly looking for a song with the lyrics "I've been tired for days and days". Its a guy singing, very mellow voice, almost reminds me of billy corrgin from the smashing pumpkins. The song is very slow, just a guitar and bass drums. PLEASE HELP! thanks
The lyrics "I've been tired..." matches a song called "Days and Days" by Tegan and Sara. I haven't been able to find an audio sample of it, so I don't know if that's what you're looking for or not.

As for Bullet, click around at this site.

IMDb has some track listings in their feedback section, which follows:

Paul's Song - Bullet
Lovely - Bullet
Relapse - Bullet
Kiss It All Goodbye - LP
77 Seven - Itchy Trigger Finger
Fake - Itchy Trigger Finger
Out the Window - Her Vanished Grace
Paul's Song - Jessica Campell and Bullet

Hope that helps.
Tegan and Sara is my favorite band, so i am all too familiar with that song which is actually called "Painting Songs". Unfortunately thats not what I'm looking for. Thanks so much for the list of songs, but I haven't been able to find them for sale or for download. If anyone hears anything new...please let me know! thanks.
Ok, the song i was looking for was infact "Relapse" by bullet. Thanks again Michelle for the link!