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This string of guitar picking is playing when Mel is going on about herself before she gets picked up. It sounds like it would be in the beginning of the song, as I could only hear the guitar being played. It sounds vaguely like the lead guitar melody in Sugar Ray's "FLY"... Hope that's enough for you guys to help me. thanks in advance.
When does that episode air next? I'll try to watch it and see if I can recognize the song your referring to.

She's the blonde on the far right. :wub:
I would expect it to air again sometime in the afternoon on weekends, and probably on the spot before the new episode airs...
check the website for listings, I guess...
It airs again Sunday afternoon @ 3:00 pm. Unfortunately, I'll be at a wedding then. :zzz:

Sooooo, I'll have to watch the next time it airs later that night @ 10:00 pm.

I'll will let you know if I recognize it! :)
The song is called "Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys, the beginning of the song is what your looking for. I remember from watching the premiere. :)
Does anyone know the song that is being played when Sarah and Willie meet in the first RW episode? It has an electronic sound to it. Thanks
Can you describe the song? genre, tempo, lyrics, male/female vocals?

The first episode airs again tomorrow night @ 10:00 pm. I'll try to watch it and see if I recognize the song your referring to though.
The clip of the song that they play only includes a beat, no lyrics, just blips and beeps or whatever you wanna call em.
Why can't just post the darn songs that they use in episodes? It would make my life soooooo much easier. Luckily, I have you guys.
Actually, both Bunim-Murray and MTV do list most of the songs featured in their shows like the Real World and Road Rules on their websites.

Bunim-Murray's Real World Philadelphia music section isn't up yet though, but it should be soon.

MTV on the other hand, should already have their Real World Philadelphia episode guide up, so check it out. Just pick an episode and scroll down for the featured music. Although, MTV doesn't tell you when the songs was played during the episode like Bunim-Murray.

Originally posted by Couchtater328
The clip of the song that they play only includes a beat, no lyrics, just blips and beeps or whatever you wanna call em.
Nope, doesn't ring a bell.

Oh, I forgot to watch the first episode earlier because I got home later then I expected, sorry. But luckily, it airs again tomorrow a few times. Again, if I recognize it, I'll let you know! :D
So I thought I heard these songs on the Laguna Beach Episode 4, but I really heard them on RW which aired right before it- so disregard that other post.

Any help would be great:
this song is played at the end of the episode when Karamo is walking down the street is holding hands with Dorian and also when they are sitting on the couch together at the house
1. road less traveled courage to change, i ask myself, i think i'm beginning to understand, so i can sink my teeth in you

This song was played at the end of Karamo's date and at the beginning of his conversation with Dan in the house
2.keep looking down while i climb over my head
Amazing.. thank you so much!! That site is better than MTV's cause they show you what scene the songs are in. For anyone else who is interested the songs are:
Christopher Dallman - Over My Head
Jason Karaban - Drag The Night
Hi. I've checked the Bunim/Murray site, but I can't find it. This song played at the beginning of the episode where Karamo is talking about how much he needs a man. It's a rather high pitched male voice singing lyrics that sound like "can't shake it off" and "all these feelings in my head."

Thanks, Kit
MTV also lists music from the episodes, at the bottom of each page of the "episode guide." You can check this episode here, not sure how much it varies from Bunim-Murray's site.
I listened to all the tracks from the except for the ones by danzy, avion, the apparitions, and the co-stars, so those are the only ones of that list it could be. I'm going to try to catch the episode again, it'll probably be on tonight before the new one.

Thanks for the suggestion, Kit