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Does anyone know the name of the song in the trailer for The Prince and Me where the woman sings "aaah, aaah, aaah", or something like that ? Thanks
I am glad to inform you that the name of the song I think you are looking for is "Why" by Annie Lennox. After searching hours on the internet with no clues, I thought it was Annie Lennox or Stevie Nicks. So I downloaded as many of their songs that seemed popular. I knew I heard the song on the radio before. It bugged me and I even lost sleep over this song. It is a good one!
Wow, thank you so much for your extensive seraching ! However, I am so so so (turst me) very sorry to report that the Annie Lennox song is not the one I am looking for ! :( But I do really like that song and have not heard it in years and it was great to hear again so your hard work has certainly not gone un-noticed ! The song in The Prince & Me trailer is more "popy" and electronically enhanced, so if anyone does know the name of this song, please let me know ! thanks !
I am quite sure the song you're looking for is called "Breathe" by Michelle Branch
The chorus goes:

if i just breathe
let it fill the space between
i'll know everything is alright
every little piece of me
you'll see
everything is alright
if i just breathe

Just for the record Michelle Branch's music kicks @$$
Branch's song is the only one I keep hearing on the TV spots, but I've never heard the "aah aah" part the original poster asked about... ?? :unsure:
You're correct, "Breathe" is one of the songs played in the trailer. However, the very beging of certain commercials begins with a song that goes "aah aah aah", does anyone know the name of this song? Thanks
I have yet to hear the "aah aah aah" song, but I was wondering... Could it maybe be Jessica Simpson's "With You" (link goes to audio sample, available at amazon)? There's a distinctive "aah aah aah" part in the song.
No, I'm afraid thanks not it either, ah ! This song ! haha well it's not played in all the commercials I've heard it most in movie theater's when the whole trailer is played. You can hear it on the Prince and Me website listed in a previous post, it's the second song. It's kind of short but it starts out with the "aah's" and then the music speeds up and the woman says "yeaah" and then right when it sounds like she's going to sing more, the music cuts out and goes to another song.
its 110% Stevie Nicks. But now someone has to know which song. It could be hers or Fleetwood Mac.

its driving me nuts. cause i know i've heard that song before.
Yeah it sure sounds like Stevie to me. Anyway it's all over the net that the soundtrack is being released on the 30th so if you can hold out till Tue........... ;)
The voice kind of sounds like her, but the music sounds too hmm, electronically enhanced (?) to be her, but I'll check.
Well wouldn't THAT just be the cherry on this thread cake. :rolleyes:
Yeah, the song is deffinetly not on the soundtrack... Does anyone know who to ask or how to find out what this song is ?
I've been wanting this song as well. I believe that it's a cover of Annie Lennox's "Why". I did a search of people who have covered this song, and I only found Amii Stewart and Elizabeth Elmore. I haven't been able to find the song by either of them, so I can't listen to them to be sure. But if I'm thinking about the same song you are, the one that plays in the very beginning of the trailer, then I am positively sure that it's a cover of "Why".
Now, this is the movie but...does anyone know the violin song played when the prince is coronated or crowned or whatever it's called? It's a common song, just want to know the name to download... :ph34r:
Originally posted by Alidali12@Mar 14 2004, 11:01 PM
Does anyone know the name of the song in the trailer for The Prince and Me where the woman sings "aaah, aaah, aaah", or something like that ? Thanks
The song you're looking for is In My Heart by Moby.