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What is the trailer music for The Clearing starring Robert Redford?
Trailer link?
I went looking for the trailer, and I just found promotional pictures in my search...did you see the trailer in a theater? Could you just describe the music?
I saw the trailer in the theater. The music is very familiar but it just won't come to me. Also Man on Fire trailer has some music at the beginning I recognize but can't name. I looked on Sountracknet under the trailers section but they are both too new to be on there.
Well, Man on Fire trailer was discussed here.
On the trailer for Man on Fire there is a very short snippet of music right after the little girl says he is like a big sad bear that I am almost positive comes from Unbreakable. It is very short and piano only. Can anyone confirm. Also, still looking for anyone who has seen The Clearing trailer in the theater and can help me recognize the music. THANKS!
I just found the answer to the Clearing question on but it doesn't help. It says it is Nara. Is this a person, or a song? It doesn't list anything else.
I'll check it out. I can't get the MP3 to play right now so I'll have to get my genius computer son to help me but thanks so much for the info!
This piece was also used in the trailer for "House of Sand and Fog". :)
Man on Fire Teaser Piano Snippet after "He's like a Bear" is a cue called "A Frequent Thing" from the Meet Joe Black Soundtrack.
Thank you thank you thank you! I've always wanted to know what this song was. I've heard it in quite a few trailers. I logged onto the site tonight with the intention of asking about it. I saw 'The Clearing' trailer last weekend. :D