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does anyone know the instrumental song played in the ads?
i know it could be made just for the commercial but i was wondering if it was a real song?
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someone please help! the song is now used for the new show ads for daddys girls on mtv!
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The recent MTV Monday Night lineup ads for Bromance and The City use several different songs from the following artists:

Yelle, The Gossip, Tegan and Sara, and Katy Perry

Do you remember anything about the song you heard?
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If I have the right add then Im pretty sure its 'back in your head' by Tegan & Sara... If Im remembering it right
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no it is just instrumental the song only plays for the ads on tv i cant find the song on the ads online it was the same instrumental song played for bromance the city and now daddys girls
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yeah I've been wanting to know the song too..even if its just instrumentals i don't care. its just a preview of the commercial and its not tegan and sara its rock instrumentals WHAT IS THAT SONG. goodnesss im dying here ;[
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That song is called None Shall Pass by Aesop Rock. Youtube it.
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no thats not the song, it sounds a little similar, but thats not it .
someine else pleeasee help i cant find any clips of the song on youtube either:confused:
VMA spot for The City

does anyone know the song they were playing for the City commercials with the big gold lettering?
Has anybody seen the new season(already started) commercial for The City on MTV? At the end of the commercial, there is a song that has a simple rock rythm on the drums and a guitar. The female(s) are singing "oowee ooowee ooowee ooooweeoooo" a couple times over before the commercial ends. It's like a virus in my head. Help me out. Artist and song title
hi guys, im not sure if you're still looking for the answer, but is the song by any chance On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz? the instrumental part