The Chronicles of Riddick

A new TV spot for "The Chronicles of Riddick" aired a couple of nights ago and included a cut from a song that I don't know but I'm trying to find. I've downloaded it from but I'm still unable to discern what any of the lyrics are. If anyone has any clues I'd greatly appreciate the help.

It's the one called Resistance, the music starts playing half way through it.
The only words I think I can make out are the first 3, which sound to me like: "... (ir)rational, so confrontational" and then the lower part sounds something like "get in the way of *something..." I doubt this helps. The singer sounds familiar, but not enough for me to place him with a band. It might be unreleased or done just for the movie.
its a song from the new soon coming album of Papa roach the album is titled "Getting Away With Murder"
hey im also trying to find the song to and i tried papa roach but i dont think thats the song can anyone help.
Yeah, Xsystus is right -- the song is Papa Roach "Getting Away With Murder." The song is going to be on Papa Roach's album, which is being released in September, under the same name as the song.
Huh, just when I think Papa Roach is dead, they do that sweet song... Guess I'll have to "buy the album" as soon as I can find it ;)
As far as I know the album, as I mentioned earlier, isn't due until September. I think about the only option is to hear the song at a concert where they've apparently been playing it.
The song will be the lead single from the new album of the same name in stores 08/31.

It will be going going out to radio in the next few weeks
(many staions are already playing it although official ad date is 7/27)

The video has been shot and is in post production.

The song rules, and the band isnt dead.

Another song is "rumored" to have poped up in the Resident Evil 2 spots that song is called "Not Listeing" and appears on the same album. Only a rumor, havent seen this myself.
Does anyone know the song in the commercial for the Chronicles of Riddick? I cant really understand the words in the commercial, so i cant post it here.
Nothing, the only thing i can make out from the commercial is:

I'm down, agaiiin, I'm dead and broken....

but thats all i think i hear, im just half shooting out words
Does anyone know what the name of the song and who it is by that opens the trailer, the very first song?
The very first piece of music in the trailer is 'The 13th Floor' by Harold Kloser from the 1999 movie The Thirteenth Floor. I can also say that the music with the tribal drums (at 1:06) is from Planet of the Apes by Danny Elfman, but I don't know the track name. If anyone knows the music that starts when Riddick says 'I am the monster' (at 1:39), I'd be SUPER grateful.