Superman Returns

John Williams - "The Planet Krypton" from the first Superman film
yes, i very much liked it, awsome stuff. look to keep faithful to the originals, even with the reeves lookalike
I know they are using Marlon Brando's clips from the original "Superman" movie in the Superman Returns movie, but the voice on the teaser sounds alot like Anthony Hopkins. I know the same speech was used in the original movie, but did they redo the trailer with Anthony Hopkins narrating it? Or is it still Marlon Brando?

I can see that Anthony Hopkin's voice could sound like Marlon Brando's voice back then.

Anybody know? Me and my buddies are divided in the subject.
What's up, everybody? As a lot of you know, the new Superman Returns trailer came out the other day, but question is where can you find that music??? Is it John Ottman's new score and the same, yet revised, John Williams theme? I know I'm not the only one out here who's interested, either. Thanks!
I know that the music in the center of the trailer (i.e. when Superman and Lois are floating in front of the Daily Planet globe) is from the James Horner "Brainstorm" score -- I believe the track is "Michael's Gift To Karen." The piece of the cue used starts roughly halfway through the song.
The song that plays in trailer #1 is most definetely from the original Superman score cause I found it-- & in trailer #2 I'm not sure about the first song but the rest of the music is from the original soundtrack.
I don't know about the rest, but the intro cue is from Hans Zimmer's "A Thin Red Line". Hoped that helped.
The intro cue is from "A Thin Red Line" by Hans Zimmer
Ive seen many trailers all with basic instrumental songs. But the other day I saw one with a sort of rock song on it. The lyrics I was able to catch were something like "If I could fly I know Id save us somehow..." or something along those lines. Doesn anyone know what song this is ? Ive read on other sites that the Superman Returns soundtrack will NOT have any mainstream songs on it, I guess to avoid the idea of being similar to the Marvel Spiderman movies. If anyone has any info on this song I would like to know the title and artis, if thats possible. Thankyou