Steve Madden shoes


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It's kind of an animated comercial with the girls with the big heads. Hehe. One girl is walking a chicken. Yeah, anyways the song sounds kinda indian or something. Cool beats, anyone know it?? :unsure:
According to Steve Madden's website the song is by a group named Human. It doesn't say the name of the song though...
I saw your commercial and I loved it can you tell me the name of the group that does the music?

A: We are glad that you enjoyed our commercial. The name of the group is Human.
Although I don't think it is the song you are looking for. Sounds too heavy for what you described to sound indian-like...
It was done by a commercial jingle house. "Human" is the name of the company (it is not a band).
i want to know the song playing on the commercial with the girl with the 'fro walking the chick on a leash down the street... then she runs into the girl with blonde hair. it ends with the girl going into the steve madden store. thanks.
There has been a couple posts regarding the Steve Madden (girl's shoes) commercial...the one with the girls with the big heads walking their pet chicks.

Yet no definite answer. I saw the Mt. Dew commercial with Steven Seagal and it had what sounded to be similar music....Traditional Indian music+Electronica/techno....Are they the same songs?

I know the Mt. Dew one is by DJ Panjabi or something.
Not the same song. The Mountain Dew ad with Steven Segal uses "Mundian To Bach Ke" by Panjabi MC. The Steven Madden ad uses a track composed just for the commercial. We do have a definate answer on that one.
Thanks, I read that thread, although I'm still hesitant about the outcome was because I heard the exact same song in someones car as he drove by me....So I'm guessing that the song is somehow available.

And I doubt it was a commercial on the radio or anything since he was stopping at a redlight and the music kept going.
Thanks flowerz....damn, maybe that person in car had connections or something. Oh well... :(
hey all! does anyone remember and old Steve Madden commercial where a cartoon girl with a big head was walking her pet...i think it was a chicken. can u help me identify the music? thanks!
I too have been curious about this one. Encouraging to see such diligent gumshoeing going on, even if the result is a "commercial jingle house" tune with no discernible artist behind it. Maybe something for the public domain of the future...