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There's a new psp commercial, not the one with Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out. Does anyone know the name of the song they play?

Thanks in advance.
I just downloaded the song, and yeah thats the one! But the end of it sounds a bit

Thanks gopster!
Hey, I don't really remember the commercial at all, but it started off with a PSP (the hand held PS) kind of floating around with other ones. It was a indie/retro sounding song with guitars. It was at the Start of the Newest Harry Potter in theaters.

Any info on the song would be appreciated.

Oh ... it had Spiderman the movie, and lords of dogtown showing in the comerical, if that helps.
I made a thread on this a few days ago.

The song's called Comforting Sounds by Mew. The end of the song isn't done well though...but the rest of its good.
I guess that's what I get for having way too many cd's. I own this one lol, just haven't listened to it in quite some time.

Thanx :D
I saw this commercial in the Harry Potter trailers...where the PSP just keeps spinning and moving around, with this awesome music in the background. I know its a famous song, it sounds so familiar...anyone know? :ph34r:
no lol...thats the one where the dude is playing with this trailer, the PSP is just moving around, flying in the air all wicked and stuff...its a slow song
i answered this before in another's "comforting sounds" by "mew"....and it's also mentioned on the top of this post.........

i'm confused....does this mean i'm just replying to something people already figured out????
I saw this commercial for the PSP just recently during the trailers in the new King Kong movie.

It was instrumental, coldplay-esque music with the drums, piano, and guitar and whatnot. It was a mellow tune.

I don't believe it is this "take me out" by Franz Ferdinand as that was a very old trailer used during the launch of the PSP. I think this is a new commercial.
Comforting Sounds by Mew

Use the search feature next time, its really handy. :)