Somewhat recent Nissan Quest commercial


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Somewhat recently there was a Nissan Quest commercial where the gist was that moms have changed so they need a cooler minivan. I believe they kept cutting between many different young "moms" putting things into the Quest, getting in and out of it, etc. Anyone remember this commercial? I want to know what the song was. Thanks!!
I think you're after the Honda Odyssey ad. Read this and see if that's what you're thinking of.
No, it was definitely for the Quest. I think they had a silver Quest in an empty lot and the woman who was doing tasks around the van kept changing (different women).

Sorry, I don't recall anything about the music, because I didn't know about this site yet, so I didn't try to remember anything about it. I'll try to come up with some better info. :(
Thanks! I did 2 searches before posting and didn't find it. Not sure why the eye roll was necessary. How 'bout giving people the benefit of the doubt? ;)
The eyeroll was directed at those of us who should have recognized the question including myself. :rolleyes: but that ones for you :lol: We're always saying use search but none of us did. ;)
Ok. Well I did use search. I may be new to adtunes, but I'm no forum newbie. Not here to annoy people, that's for sure. :) Thanks again for the help.