Six Flags old man dancing in front of bus

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My wife has challenged me to find the song from the six flags spot that has the guy dressed like an old man dancing. Anyone seen it or know the song? It may only be shown in areas with a SF theme park nearby.
Can you describe the music? Tempo, genre, lyrics, male/female voice, etc...
Got it! Vengaboys - We like to party.

It does have singing to it. An early 90's europop song.
The spot is a six flags spot. Im in Htown and I think SFlags owns Astroworld, but they could be marketing SFlags arlington also.

Thanks for the help.
I've seen this commercial a few times tonight. Kind of funny...and I live in so. Cal.
Yeah, this song's being used for every Six Flags property. I saw the spot last night in the Philly market for Great Adventure.
Thank-you! I was wondering what tune it was. Just grabbed it off of iTunes. Great!
HELLZ YES! hahahahahaha I was explaining the ad to a friend while at the St. Pat's parade and she busted out with all of the lyrics and the dancing, this was middle school dance GOLD baby.

Okay, maybe high school. hehe, actually, yeah, you're absolutely right. I guess I was just hoping that my memories of high school weren't as lame :p album came out in '99 though.

The Vengabus is coming
And everybody's jumping
New York to San Fransisco
An intercity disco
The wheels of steel are turning
And traffic lights are burning
So if you like to party
Get on and move your body
Goddd I think that CD's jammed in the bottom of my closet or somewhere...

Watching that commercial makes me want to go to SixFlags so badly even thought I hate them. Maybe its just the old dancing guy... Or maybe its that old huge bus that just looks fun. *shrugs*
A new Six Flags ad features an old man dancing to a famous techno song, but I can't remember the title. Any help would be appreciated.
I dont know why i saw this commercial, and I live in SoFLA. The nearest 6F park is more than 500 miles away. However, I did see the spot on cable so who knows. I first heard that song in 1999 when I was in 7th grade, was the song released in that year? Or before?
The Vengaboys!

Not sure if they ripped the song from somewhere, or if it's theirs originally, but if you can find a copy of The Vengaboys' "We Like To Party!", you'll be in good shape.... =)
Ahah as much as that commercial makes me want to go there I hate 6F. I was at 6F Great Adventure, NJ and it was pointless. Ok so they get nice new coasters all teh time, but the other ones that were a few years old they like neglected and were rusted and hardly repainted. All the older (like anything 3 or more years old) rides were in horrible condition, the park wasnt clean, and the people were rude. Maybe it was just that park *shrugs* :) Still love that song tho
Heh heh. Joisy. Magic Mountain here in CA isn't like that at all but then look at the competition they have here.
It's still a ripoff though. You just pay all of those places to stand in line for an hour to get a 5min ride.
Does anyone know a place besides the sixflags website to get the commercial or the music from it, this is the six flags commercial with the old dude that dances and the bus. I cant dlownload it from their ite, if anyone knows a link to the song or the commerical please post, and thanks for your help on my last thread.

Can someone give me the actual answer to the following question about the old man dancing in the commercial so I can prove my hubby wrong....

Is he really an old man with the film sped-up or is it a really good make-up job???

HELP!! Thanks!! :whistle:
I guess we may never know the truth.
Thanks for the response and the link info. :banghead: