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Does any one know the artist and song title used in the senseo coffee machine commercial? Thank you :unsure:
Hi Tinkerbell19,
Thanks for your help, but it's not the song. The song sounds more like bossa nova without the singing...??? :what:
The song is the Edge of the Ocean by Ivy. Very nice! :) I believe it is an instrumental version of the song.
the song was an original written by Larry Pecorella at Comma Music.

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I'm not sure if everyone posting on this thread is thinking of the same commercial. The first post on this thread is from May of 2004. The first two replies seem to indicate that they are referring to a different commercial.

I recognized the "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy in the Senseo commercial also. However, that commercial is pretty new. I have only seen it since November of this year. It probably isn't the one the first 3 posts are referring to.

chuck, I'm not sure which commercial you're referring to. I visited the Comma Music website, but the Senseo commerical you're referring to isn't there among the ads. The only Senseo commercial I've seen recently is the one with "Edge of the Ocean." You can hear the song on Ivy's website at Perhaps you could post your Senseo commercial on the Comma Music website.
I believe the artist you are looking for is Julie Delpy, but I will leave the rest up to you. I am pretty sure this song was used in a movie she also starred in, Before Sunset. Good luck!!!
Julie Delpy did not compose or perform the song. She did compose three of the songs featured in the move. However, "Edge of the Ocean" was not one of them. It was used in the trailer, not in the film. "Edge of the Ocean" can be found on the Ivy album, "Long Distance."