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I know the first is Miracles Happen from the first movie, and then later is a Diana Ross song. I want to find the 2nd song, the one that starts as they reveal her moose hair-do. The trailer is up on the official site, and I have a link to the XL size but that's it...

I like that song, it's very familiar but no matter what I do I can't find what it is.

Here's a link to the Official Site with smaller trailer options...

Looking for the song. I've heard it too. I thought it sounds like Beck, but I'm not sure...
Yea, I thought it was kinda Beck-ish too... Apparently not though.

Come on guys! Help me out here.
I'm at a loss... i thought it might be "Dead Weight" by Beck (link goes to audio sample). But, I'm pretty certain that's wrong.
Still nothing up at either... this is starting to bother me.
My sister is bugging me relentlessly to find this song. Help me, PLEASE!
Friend listened to it, it's on the tip of her tongue too.

:angry: very frustrating.
Arg! finally puts up a page.... and they include EVERY song except for the one I'm looking for.
Probably because they can't figure it out either -- It may be just a song done for the ad... like a sound "cue" that is "inspired" by Beck. :rolleyes:
I own the movie IDLE HANDS with Devon Sawa and Seth Green. He listens to that song on his headphones throughout the movie (when you first see him in the movie the song is playing). So I looked in the credits at the end of the movie...

It's called PEPPYROCK by BTK.