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When I was little I remember hearing this piano melody on PBS alot, only on PBS. It was classical music but modern. It was either for a PBS promo, or like an oil commercial. It would start of with just the piano and then the strings would rise in the back ground. It was a bit repetitive sorta like a loop. I heard it again on a classical music radio station recently while the dj was speaking. It has to be a very popular peice of music. I know someone knows what I'm talking about. I've scoured the internet but I just can't find it, any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
Re: Piano melody from PBS or a commercial on PBS.

I think maybe the "loop" is in this ad, at 0:18? Do you remember your PBS affiliate station letters?

KCTS 9 ID & PBS promo 1980s
Re: Piano melody from PBS or a commercial on PBS.

No, it was a full composition. It was like for a commercial, like BP or an Ibm type of deal. Had a guy narrating over it. I heard it again on a radio station that plays classical music. but it was playing while the dj was talking. I know everyone on the planet has heard this melody, but since i can't pin point where it was it makes it so hard to find.