Old Sheetz commercial


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hi guys,
I've been looking for this song/singer a long time, but still haven't found about it. Personally, I love this forum and whoever first had the idea (it's really helpful.)

Ok did u guys watch this sheetz commercial where a guy buys a sandwich from 'sheetz' and comes to a motel. He locks his door, takes off the phone n' starts eating his sandwich. I don't recall much, but it's something like that. During the commercial, a very deep male voice sings " If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right". love the song n' the voice :rolleyes:

The song is actually a very old song by someone else. But on this commercial, I think it's a remix. Help meeee! :eek:
I know Barbara Mandrell did a version of "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right", but you said a guy.. I can think of Rod Stewart and Luther Ingram versions, Luther Ingram *I think* being the original.. but if it's a remake I'd have no clue. Try The Covers Project.
yeah, Luther Ingram was the original one. I don't think it's Rod Stewart. IT was a very very deep male voice...:)
Have you watched the commercial yourself?