North Country


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Definently the same song. Theres also another song that plays at the end of it that is quite good.
Hey, I don't think this has been posted yet, but there's a new Charlize Theron movie called "North country."

I'm wondering if anyone knows what the Third song is. It begins around 0:49 and ends at 1:38.
i am looking for this exact song as well...can anyone help? or have a clue?

and no its not oasis..thats the one right after it.
one song is part of the queue by oasis, but the others i have no idea! i really want to know too!
Hi im looking for a song that was found in both the advertising of north country on TV (not the full trailer). it was also heard in the past on advertisements for morgon spurlocks "30 days" on tv. i believe there is a chours that goes la la laaa la etc, also and acoutic guitar at times

thanks in advance
Oasis - "Part Of The Queue"

It's on the newest album called Don't Believe The Truth
Does anyone know the song played in this North Country trailer at the part where the guys says, "Meet Bobby Sark, he runs the powder room" (or something along those lines) just before Part of the Queue by Oasis is played? Thanks!
There's an instrumental piece that begins at 47 seconds in the trailer for the movie North Country:

Does anyone know who the composer is and where I can buy it please?