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There's another Nissan Quest commercial that shows the mom loading a large exercise ball into the car. I'd probably classify it as ambient. I've looked *everywhere* and can't find any info. Was it written just for Nissan? A big *THANK YOU* in advance ... you guys are AMAZING. :)
I haven't seen this one yet. Do you see it often? I'll keep my eyes open for it.

Yep! I've been seeing it in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 9-12 months (way before the Modest Mouse version). It even has the same line -- "Moms have changed." I think it's usually on during the late afternoon (4-ish) trough prime time, on the major networks plus a few cable stations (A&E & Bravo). It starts off with the mom loading up her large exercise ball in the main cabin and ends with her parking in front of a tall building, removing the ball, closing the door and walking away. Hope that helps! Thanks again!!
I finally saw this ad today. It's going to be difficult to ID - the electronica/techno/ambient/chill/etc. genre always is. I don't recognize the music, but I wanted to add that the background vocal at the end of the commercial seems to be "echoing" the lyric "take me away".
hey i just found is modest mouse, the song is called gravity rides everything, the album is the moon and antartica hope that helps!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you look up, the original poster said twice that it's not the Modest Mouse one that he's looking for.
Hi--I'm new here, and I think I'm looking for the same ad (mom's have changed, shouldn't minivans). I recall some of the lyrics to the music as "Ah, gotta see, gotta know right now", if that helps.
Thanks so much!