NBA All-Star National Anthem


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Hello All,
I not sure where to post this so I'm going to post it a few forums, so I apologize in advance for the multiple threads.

Anyway, did anyone catch the National Anthem being sung on sat. before the Slam Dunk contest? It was a video of Marvin Gaye's performance from the 70's/80's and a female singer singing live(a la Natile Cole and her dad with "Unforgetable"). The female's voice sounded alot like Sade but I don't know if it was her.
I don't know why people(and the media) didn't make a big deal of this because it sounded AWESOME! It was the best rendition of the National Anthem I've heard since..well since Marvin Gaye's original performance.

Does anyone have any info on the female singer? Was it Sade? I wonder if it will be released a single?

Thanks for any help!

You don't have to worry about posting in the wrong area -- a moderator will move the topic if necessary. :)

The only info I can find is that Christina Aguilera sang the National Anthem, and Nelly Furtado sang the Canadian National Anthem. I can't find any mention of a special video like you described. Hopefully this helps you out.
:lol: Nevermind, NOT Aguilera... (didn't think you'd confuse her with Sade)!

It was Marvin Gaye's daughter: Nona.
Wow, his daughter huh? Thanks so much for the info. How did you find it out? I searched everywhere and watched every sports recap show(I was even considering watching Extra tonight.. :( ..shudders..)
Anyway, if you can find video of was incredible! The sound was great and their voices together was perfect.
Thanks again for the help!