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Hi all. i was going through my burned cd's from forever ago and a lot of the mixes are sloppy as shit, not the highest quality dls, and theres no text for the songs which creates another pain in the ass.
I was looking for a song sung by a female vocalist that sounds a lot like the artist "povi"
who only has one album out (life in volcanoes)[excellent cd IMO] and i dont believe the song i'm looking for is on that album.
The song might be called "angel gabrielle" or just "gabrielle" but i'm not sure because i dont have the full song, only about a minute. below i'll write the lyrics that i know of.
Please try to help me find the full song, it sounds really good. heres the lyrics.

I can fly but i want his wings.
I can sign even in the darkness but i crave the light that he brings.
revel in the song that he sings.
my angel gabrielle.

I can love but i need his heart.
I am strong even on my own but from him.......

and thats where my song ends on the my burned cd.
if anyone could help me with this i would be very appreciative. thanks.

P.S. there is a female vocalist on the jennifer love hewitt movie, i still know what you did last summer soundtrack that sounds very identical to this womens voice and could quite possibly be the same person. in JloveH movie the song plays when she hasnt left her apartment yet for the island and she eats chips and drinks water until she passes out on her big white comforter. then i believe a second song by the same artist is played at the end of the movie before the credits role.
thanks again.
F me for this but i found out it was lamb. sorry fools i was the fool.