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There was a commercial about two years ago, that still haunts me to this day. It was from the Mountain Dew "Do The Dew" series and featured the "Dew Boys" directing a commerical with rollerstakers, dancers, and sync swimmers. The commercial itself was silly, but the music sounded great. Anyone have any idea what commerical I am talking about? Or what music it was? I have checked the archives to no avail.

Can you describe the music: tempo, genre, lyrics, male or female vocals?
I've been trying to find the same song for my wife. She mentioned that it's a techno/big band kind of music. She doesn't remember if there were lyrics and if they were being sung by a male or female.
I will go with Sunshine on this, it was kinda of a combination of big band and techno. That sounds odd, but its as close as I can get :) I do remember that the commercial was some big production number with lots of dancing girls, almost like a Vegas show or something.. Any of that helpful?
Vaguely remember the ad -- not the music though. :( Have you tried contacting Mt. Dew yet?
That same thought occured to me after I added my 2 cents worth yesterday. I'll let ya'll know what they tell me when I hear.
Pepsi Co. called me Friday morning and told me that they expected an answer that day. But alas, I didn't receive another call. So...still patiently waiting.
Good News - Bad News

Pepsi called and gave me the info. The song is Now You Have Jazz by Bill Crosby and Louis Armstrong. That's the good news. The bad news is that they modified the song for their use on the commercial and is not available in that version.