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i am looking for a song from a car commercial...... its the one where the girl is "popping"? shes in the front passenger seat..... i think the guy is singing about "days without you"? PLZ PLZ someone help!!!!!!!! this is driving me bonkers!!!!
i was killing myself because i couldn't remember a song in a commercial from about a year ago

there was a guy break dancing and the people in the civic were staring out the window at him

or maybe that was the music video of the song, but this song was in a commercial for a civic
You're thinking of the music video for the Dirty Vegas song "Days Go By." The video had a guy dancing on the street corner and people walked by, stopping to watch him, and the band (I think) comes by in their car singing the song while they're watching him.

The song was actually made popular by the girl "Poppin" in the front seat in a Mitsubishi ad.
I know this is a forum about commercials but I just found the Music video here if you're interested
or what commercial it was on, I know no help what so ever!!

But it's mostly instrumental... the music video for the song is a guy that is break dancing to bring back the woman he loves and made leave him because he couldn't stop dancing.

The whole video is told from these guys in a car (the song was used on this car's commercial) and they are watching this guy.

any ideas???
This song was in a car ad, possibly by VW, that has been on TV for a year or so now. The song is actually played on the radio even today. The commercial was of a guy and his two friends putting the music on in their car as they drive around the city. The girl in the passenger side is wearing a hat doing a retro "wave" dance to the song as they drive around. That's all they do in the commercial.
Who did this song???
Fairly sure youre talknig about the Mitsubishi one with the chick doing the pop lock robot kinda thing.

The song is "Days go by -- Dirty Vegas"
Does anyone remember the old Nissan Eclipse commercial with a girl wearing a hat in the passenger side doing what looks like robotic dance movement to a techno song?

Anyone know what song it is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The commercial shows [IIRC] an Eclipse passing a large Greyhound-esque bus, and some electronic/techno music with vocals in the background. Forget what time/channel I saw it on, sorry. :(
I'm looking for the same thing. Just heard it again on TBS during Sex in the City.

Mitsubishi Eclipse ad, and the music is techno and it reminds me of some Everything But the Girl tunes (later ones).... very curious what it is!!!!! And fwiw I don't remember hearing any vocals on it, so I am pretty sure it isn't the same music as answered in the other Mitsubishi forums.

[Weirdly it just came on AGAIN while I typed this... 10:26pm EST!]
Nope but it IS the other one! It sounded from the other thread like the track had more words. I listened to the ad three times tonight and barely any words.

In any case I previewed it on iTunes and it is Days Go By - by Dirty Vegas.

iTunes link

Here's a direct link to the correct/non-accoustic version of "Days Go By" in iTunes. ;)

Is this the song Hamurabi was looking for in the first place?
Thanks Michelle, no.... the ad uses the acoustic version. But on iTunes it is listed as the regular version (their mistake). The correct tune is the one that's about 7 minutes long.

I'm adding a link for non-iTunes users: link

Again, it's the one that looks non-acoustic [track #4] - but the preview version matches the ad, in any case. Amazon has no link to play the "acoustic" version.

HEY HAMURABI.... Ithink I'm your guy, I know that song!

"Shot shot" by GOMEZ.... check it out they're great
I did a search but I don't think any of the mentioned songs is the one I'm looking for. There is a Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial out where it shows a silver Eclipse driving around. The ad says something about the sculpted side panels are to make the door stronger, not for looks. There is a cool techno-ish beat. No words. Anybody have any clue?


"Cish Cash" by Basement Jaxx was the exact song I was looking for! Thank you so much!
There was a car video in the last year. Not sure what car it was. There was a girl in the front seat and they were driving at night and it was in fast.

Music didn't have any words, was like a dance music?

Any ideas