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I saw it today at work as a dealers association ad running in the NYC market. Could be a national spot, I'll have to do some research on that.

In the spot, two little boys look out the window and see that there's a ton of snow on the ground. They procede to celebrate because they think there's no school. Then their father opens the door and tells them to get ready for school. The music is punk rock from somebody that wants to be the Buzzcocks badly. I don't know the song and it's driving my coworkers and I nuts!

Any help would be appreciated!
Yeah this is an old ad. I can't seem to remember how the song goes, but I have seen this ad many times.
Might be regional. I haven't seen it yet, at least... it doesn't snow in L.A., so we can't relate... ;)
Answer: The spot entitled "Snow Day" contains original music composed specifically for the commecial, not availbale for purchase (as per the agency that created the spot, Merkley Newman Harty.)

Great late 70's-style punk homage, though (more like Sham 69 than the Buzzcocks.)
Original comp... yep, Mercedes Benz... King of original compositions.
Does anyone know the name of the song used in the Mercedes commercial of the two boys who think they have a snow day, but their dad comes in and tells them to get ready for school? The song is kind of punky and jumpy, almost ramones-like, and i really can't understand what he says most of the time. Any information would be very helpful! Thanks!
This Mercedes commercial is very recent; it's snowing, and two brothers are jumping around their room thinking they have the day off from school. Dad come in, says "get ready, we're leaving in 5 minutes," and the kids are all bummed out. It's an ad for a mercedes, pretty sure an SUV. Excellent music, but I can't place it; can anyone identify it? Thanks.
Thanks a lot; I appreciate it. I guess they did a good job, I was surprised how familiar it sounded