Love Actually

i looked at the credits at the end; it didn't say anything...i'm stumped :confused:
Sugababes - Too Lost In You

That was the main song used to promote it over here, and it does have a piano bit at the beginning...
Could it be "Glasgow Love Theme" by the film's composer, Craig Armstrong? It's available on the soundtrack that Michelle linked.
The main song was 'Too Lost In You' that was the song used to introduce the movie to an audiance.
i'm dying here, does anyone know the name of that instrumental song used in love actually a lot, it was used mainly in scenes with colin firth and the girl he falls in love with. it's a beautiful song and it's not on the soundtrack, at least i didn't find it.
any help will be greatly appreciated!!
thanks, i checked the songs that i hadn't already and i still had no luck. still looking though!
"Portuguese love theme" by Craig Armstrong is what you might be talking about. The track is not on either versions of the soundtrack unfortunately.
the correct title is:"Glasgow Love Theme" (Craig Armstrong) and it is on the american soundtrack......
thanks, i had already found the song it's portugese love theme by craig armstrong and i love it!!
There is a song playing when Sam is running through the Airport. It was also in a trailer for a movie with Keira Knightly in it. I don't know the name of the movie though.
no luck but i couldn't find some. Even if i did find them i don't think they would be the right ones; they were not in the right spot as to where it was played in the movie.
According to the users on the message board for that movie on IMDB, the song is PM's Love Theme from the UK version of the soundtrack.

However, I have contended on that very message board that the song is actually called Joanna Drives Off, from the promo score by Craig Armstrong.

Be that as it may, the PM Love Theme is the same song, although a shorter version.

Check out the PM's Love Theme and you will hear it is the song you seek.
Found it.

PM Love Song by Craig Armstrong. He did all the piano scores for that and they were amazing.