Le Conseguenze Dell'Amore

Cool looking movie... the song is by the incomparable band James, the song is called "Hello". (Americans might remember them from the song "Laid" from the mid '90's(?)... "This bed is on fire/with passion and love/the neighbors complain about the noises above/....... Yeah, you think you're so pretty-y-y-y-y. Cool song)

The trailer plays the first verse of "Hello":

You and me
Play this song, the vision
Hope to make this love stretch forever
Don't let go in this now or never
Hope there's change enough to say...

Beautiful, huh? :lol: :)

edit: darn, I got beat by three minutes while I was lyrics-searching. My bad. :p
Sorry, another questions, anyone know the first song?? (elettric style) ??

Thank you.