Kellogg's Special K Commercials - 2 songs


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There are two commercials for Special K with some great tunes on them.
Anyone know what they are?

The first is a commercial with slabs of beef and pork landing on a butcher's
scale, and the song is a swing number with the singer simply singing
"Oink...Moo...Oink, oink...moo" (although not necessarily in that order).
It could be that the oinks and moos were added for the commercial.
But what's the song?

The second commercial has potatoes also landing on a scale. The
song is kind of an early-50's rock tune, with the singer saying
"Potato, potato, potato". Again, that could have been added for
the commercial.

Anyone know what these two songs are?

Thanks in advance...
i have seen the oink oink moo moo one and yes that is the song.

barnyard boogie by louis jordan
The "potato" song, is Hot Potato by the Wiggles.

Yes, you read right...the children's group from Australia who annoys parents everywhere has one of their songs in a cereal commercial.

I recognized it instantly, as my 3 year old sings it all day long. :lol: